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Development of strategic models and action plans


A transnational Working Group will be established to develop a common model and action plans for training and capacity building of Governance and Open Government in order to increase their knowledge and efficiency to improve the quality of the services offered. Training and capacity building strategies will develop e-government and technical tools and will focus on specific target groups as employees, public administrative staff including technical teams, citizens and students.


This common model could be transferred and used by different public authorities or organisations in charge of information and training of different groups. On the basis of the common model each partner will produce an Action Plan for training and capacity building. The Plan will consist of an organisational model for training and capacity building strategies to be addressed to different target groups, also being identified in the Plan.

Training and Capacity building initiatives for e-government


Each partner will carry out training and capacity building initiatives to test the developed Action Plan in the field. Partners will organise training initiatives, workshops focus on the target groups defined in the project and the Action Plan itself.


Diputación de Málaga
Technical seminars activities will be developed (one per area within the province of Malaga) addressed to 85 technicians. One Technician will be trained per municipality with less than 20.000 inhabitants in the province of Málaga. It will be named “Openwind technician” and will be in charge of raising awareness and encourage citizenship to use online procedures available in each municipality


Nicosia Development Agency
Training & Capacity Building Seminar for the Administrative Staff of Municipalities which are members of Nicosia Development Agency on the subject “Applied good practices on e-government in Local Authorities”.
Training & Capacity Building Seminar for elected representatives of local authorities in Cyprus on the subject: “policy recommendations for open governance through the use of ICT & Telematics”


University of Sfax
Workshop: E-government – Design and implementation
3 Workshop on e-government; target group: teachers; researchers; engineers and executive directors. Following subjects: E- Government vision and Strategy development; Change management and Capacity building in e-Government Projects’ and Information security management in e- Government.


Union of Municipalities of Iqleemel Tufah
Training on using internet, publishing to CMS systems, staying secure online aimed to Municipalities employees.
Traininng on basic hosting training, CMS customization, email security and Linux basic administration aimed to Municipalities technical staff.
Training on e-government policies, strategies and policies aimed to Presidents of Municipalities/mayors/councillors.


Al-Quds University
Training initiative on technical tools and good practices.
Training courses about e-government administrative activities: student enrollment and registrations, peer evaluation, hiring, budgeting and expenditure. Address to staff members in the participating university entities: Center in charge of ICT at the university; Student’s aid department; Human resources department; Acceptance office (3) and Registration office (10).
Capacity building in developing electronic forms and procedures that render the mentioned process simpler with a larger participation.



> One strategic model on training and capacity building in Governance and Open Government; Five action plans on training and capacity building in Governance and Open Government.


> Number of Trained target group or people receving capacity-building: 180 Technical staff of muncipalties/universities/regions, 125 Administrative staff of municipalities/public administrations, 30 elected (mayors, presidents..), 40 ONGs members.


> 22 Training/workshops/capacity building actions.

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