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Pilot initiatives on eGovernment in Málaga: electronic one-stop-shop


> One-stop-shop in Málaga Province A provincial site for e-administration will be created to offer the whole catalogue of administrative procedures at the Diputación de Málaga and at each of 85 municipalities with less than 25.000 inhabitants. It will also offer the necessary information to develop each procedure, becoming the one and only point of access to electronic administration. It will concentrate the site of Diputación de Málaga (sede. and 85 already existing electronic sites of the different municipalities.


> Union to Point of Single Contact (PSC) This is a national system for exchange of information between Spanish and European Public Administrations. With Openwind, the Malaga one-stop-shop will become part of the PSC (Spain) and the application processes will become accessible and available to any citizen in the European Union.


> Openwind Point information: Specialized information and stimulation of population on the usage of Málaga one-stop-shop. The stimulation agents will rotate in the municipalities where they will present promotional material and guides to develop the procedures through the platforms for electronic administration.with the electronic administration and Open Government.

Pilot initiatives on eGovernment in Nicosia: Telematic tax service


In Cyprus the main aim is to consolidate trading registers at one selected municipality so that the taxpayer (the citizen) is presented as one entity to handle his/her debts within the municipality, create a website to allow taxpayers to check and pay their total debts online and introduce a GIS system to link databases with geographic maps. Following results:



> A new integrated electronic registry transacting water bills, garbage collection, business tax and professional property licences for all consumers and taxpayers.


> A register of residential units and commercial premises with geo-referenced data (GIS system).


> An integrated enterprise resource planning software and hardware,


> An e-government website.

Pilot initiatives on eGovernment in Sfax: e-university framework


Sfax University wants to develop an E-university Framework in line with the national policy. This Framework is based on two strategic pillars: the development of E-Learning and E-Administration at the university through effective use of ICT. The main actions of the pilot initiative are :


> Development of Electronic Content Resources: integrating ICT in teaching and learning and in management & support services and curriculum development and assessment incorporating electronic content resources.


> Implementation of IT infrastructure at the University: E-University developed as networked  data-centre and training of staff at head offices to implement and manage electronic administration systems and technical support to university and institutes.

Pilot initiatives on eGovernment in Palestina: Electronic one-stop-shop


EOSS system is made up of two layers: The front-office layer must be an improvement for the relationship between users and administration.  The back-office layer allows the administration to interact through co-operative infrastructure, to exchange the data and information needed (financial, academic, resources, bylaws, decrees, schedules, …) to execute administrative processes.

Pilot initiative on eGovernment in Lebanon: Platform for e-services


A basic platform will be developed for citizens in order to stimulate the use of online public services. Creation of a e-administration site for simple procedures like inquires about fines, taxes or information services for local business men and entrepreneurs.

Development of an Openwind Open Government experiences Pack


Gathering of experiences developed in each territory to increase visibility of actions and use them in the Project’s Capitalization activities. Transnational Digital outcome with photos, results, and tangible impact of pilot initiatives.



> One Electronic One-stop-shop in Málaga covering 85 platforms existing in different municipalities of the province. At least 4.250 people in Málaga will be informed and awared of the use of the one-stop-shop. Five (5) tactile terminals (e-government platforms) will be installed in 5 municipalities of Málaga


> One new integrated electronic registry transacting all consumers and taxpayers in a municipality of Nicosia region. One (1) GIS system in Nicosia region One (1) e-government website in Nicosia region


> One electronic content Resources and One (1) networked data centre in Sfax


> One electronic one-stop-shop in Palestine


> One Platform for e-services in UOMIT region


> One Openwind Open Government Experiences Pack (all the partners)

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