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Set up of coordination, monitoring and assessment tools


Coordination, monitoring and assessment tools (i.e., a tool-kit consisting of project implementation, administrative and financial guidelines; internal and external monitoring and evaluation questionnaires) will be designed. These tools will be produced to support efficicient projet management and coordination and to guide partners from the very start in order to facilitate and ensure correct project implementation.

Project management and coordination


On-going project management and coordination will take place throughout the project. To this end a Steering Committee (SC) and 3 Working Groups (WG) will be established. The SC is the framework for efficient management, coordination, decision-making and evaluation. The WG is the permanent tool for the correct development and “control” of transnational thematic project work.
The 3 thematic cooperation areas for each WG will be:


a) Methods and techniques for Governance & Open Government (WG1);

b) Training and capacity building for Governance & Open Government (WG2) and;

c) Communication & Capitalization for Governance & Open Government (WG3).

Steering Committee meetings


Five SC-meetings will be held with the task to: a) assess and evaluate activities implemented in the previous phase; b) monitor and follow-up on-going activities and; c) plan and organise project activities to be undertaken.

Monitoring, follow-up and assessment


Evaluation will take place throughout the entire project. This will allow better monitoring and follow-up project activities as well as an improved management and implementation of project actions whilst still on-going. Both internal and external evaluation will be guaranteed through quantitative and qualitative reports for each activity phase. These will completed by the partners, and the participants who were involved in the activities carried out in the respective partner countries.



> One Management tool-kit


> One Start-up report; (20) Activity and Financial reports (every partner- every 6 months); 4 Progress reports; 1 Final report


> Five Steering Committee meetings


> Five Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation reports for SC meetings

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