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Existing Situation Analysis (ESA) and Good Practices Report


Information exchange will take place among all partners to share information, knowledge and experience of each others’ different systems, methods, techniques, competencies and plans. Information exchange will produce: A) An Existing Situation Analysis (ESA) Report drawn up by each partner (6); B) Exchanging experiences through a specific exchange meeting where all partner will discuss, analyse and share the contents of the ESA Reports.


Good practices/experiences will be identified from other Mediterranean projects/experiences concerning Governance & Open Government. This will allow to capitalise results achieved from previous initiatives. It will be summarised in a Good Practices Report defining each practice identified, problems to be solved, innovation, financial/human resources, implementation and how it can be capitalised by the OPENWIMD project.

Development of methods and techniques for Governance and Open Government – common model


A transnational Working Group will be established to develop new methods and techniques of Governance and Open Government. The group will made up of experienced professors, engineers and experts from all the partners. It will produce 1 digital guide “New methods and techniques of Governance and Open Government” based on new participative management models. It will content telematic services for e-Government based on different cooperation partner interests as point of single contact in accordance with the European Directive on Services (VUDS), computer applications, decentralization centre, tools and telematic services for Universities and Postal Offices for a better implementation and use of ICT in public services.


At a local context, this activity will be developed with a participatory methodology through the “Local Public Committees” (LPC) set.  They are composed of each project partner and local authority politicians, people in charge of target groups, NGOs and citizen associations participating in the project. The LPC will guarantee the existence of participative processes and consolidate new methods of Governance & Open Government in the Mediterranean area.



> Five Existing Situation Analysis (1 per partner) and one (1) Exchange Meeting.


> One Transnational report on identification of good practices-strategic experiences.


> One common model of “New methods and techniques of Governance and Open Government”.


> Design, edition and development of the digital guide entitled “New methods and techniques of Governance and Open Government”.

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