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Consensus-building and adoption of Governance & Open Government methods


The concertation and adoption phase will sustain the transfer process in the project partner territories. It will be developed at local context with a participatory methodology through “Local Public Committees” (LPC). They will be composed of each project partner, local authority politicians, people in charge of target groups, NGOs and citizen associations participating in the project. These Committees will carry out workshops, meetings and round tables addressed to relevant stakeholders, in order to:


a) discuss/take decisions regarding technical, economic and political solutions and modalities related to the common model developed in the project.

b) agree on how to integrate and adapt the common model to existing public policies to be developed in this ativity.

Establishment of the Mediterranean “OPENGov Network”-Social Platform


A Mediterranean network will be established to capitalize project results and to guarantee continued collaboration and exchange among partners. It will consist of a technologic platform that will be developed by the applicant which will also be responsible of the coordination of the network from the beginning of the project. The network will also be extended to other organizations, networks and related topics over time. The technological platform will be established as a Global Social Media Network  where the participating administrations will share their experiences in Open Government and the results obtained by OPENWIND. The source of contents of the net will arise from the administration experiences and from its interrelations with the citizenship. The net will become a tool to manage the administration knowledge, its employees and its citizenship.


The net will facilitate to:


> produce social contents online on Open Government

> generate forums and communities on different topics

> manage social networks to relate citizenship and administration

> create a wall of experiences  with pictures/videos/links

> create a blog of initiatives and successful experiences and failures

> registration of citizen proposals

> creation of hashtags on Open Government to generate contents

Mediterranean Capitalization Conferences


Two Mediterranean conferences will take place:


1) the Transnational Policy Conference “Open Governance in Mediterranean countries” to be hold in Tunisia at mid-term

2) the Mediterranean Capitalization Conference: a final conference in Málaga presenting the results and capitalization of the project activities: “The consolidation and assessment of the “OPENGov Network in Mediterranean countries”.


The aim of the conferences is to inform the more than 100 stakeholders (Mediterranean national/regional/local key actors and public/private sector organizations, etc.) about the results of the project, get feedback on specific project outcomes, raise awareness about the importance of open government and influence policy-makers.

Study visits


Each partner will attend 2 study visits in connection with the pilot initiatives (or with the model of Governance and Open Government already developed). These study visits aim to sustain the respective partner organization in the analysis of the application of concrete solutions. The partners-associates can visit structures-programmes to share technical methods and to exchange practices for transfer. This will help partners in finding solutions to specific problems and transfer the results obtained in the project.



> One Mediterranean “OPENGovNetwork” platform, one Mediterranean “OPENGovNetwork” meeting and a yearly Work Programme. One Mediterranean “OPENGovNetwork” Agreement and a long-term Work and Cooperation Programme


> Two Mediterranean Capitalization Conferences,

> Ten study visits

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